Did you know that InnoDB replaces MyISAM as the default storage engine since MySQL 5.5.5? For this reason you may want to convert most (if not all) of your current MyISAM tables to InnoDB.

WordPress does for example make use of the default storage engine. That means old WordPress installations will make use of MyISAM if you don’t update them to use InnoDB instead.

SQL to get the job done

This is the SQL to convert a single table:

You can generate this SQL for all tables in a certain set of databases by using the following query:

For a list of the tables that use MyISAM run the following query:

The above query will show you tables in the databases “information_schema” and “mysql” and you may not care to see those since they are system databases that should not be tampered with. This query excludes them from the results:

And why not combine it with the query generator while we are at it: