I code for fun and to get things done!

A full stack Java developer with a background in Linux systems administration, entreprenourship, and open source.

The art of software development is something I’m deeply passionate about, but also leveraging those skills to actually get things done. Entreprenourship is my beloved hobby. At the age of 18 I coded a webshop to sell LARP gear I imported from India. Nowadays I code open source Minecraft plugins and run a Minecraft server in my spare time.

As a full stack Java developer I find pleasure in coding Java services, REST endpoints, and Web frontends. Although I’ve got a bit of JavaFX experience at this point I prefer the web. I’m familiar with dockerization, message brokers, microservices and proactive production logging of those using the Elastic stack.

Java 100%
React 50%
PHP 30%
Python 20%



Looklet (2016 – Present)

Google Cloud
Elastic Stack

Looklet is a B2B Fashion-technology company with world-leading high-end fashion e-commerce retailers as clients. At Looklet we create magic by combining engineering with fashion and photography.

Our clients can freely mix and match models, body variation and styling items. To create this flexibility, each base body splits up in 800 digital assets. We’ve migrated away from physical data centers and use 150-200 cloud-based auto-scaling instances to follow the daily and seasonal production of our clients with a current peak load of 8000 images per day.

Zenconomy (2010 – 2011)

HTML / CSS / Javascript
Code Igniter
Single Page

Zenconomy is an online bookkeeping and invoicing solution for small businesses. I worked there as a software developer consultant and learned more about single page web development, and agile ways such as Scrum and Kanban.

The work was full stack in nature. A backend in PHP built on top of Code Igniter provided REST APIs used by the single page web frontend.

Pineberry (2008 – 2010)

HTML / CSS / Javascript
Google Analytics

The first employment I had was as a junior software developer at Pineberry. I coded websites, WordPress plugins and standalone systems in PHP on the LAMP stack.

I learnt a lot about the basics of web development by working at Pineberry. Even though we weren’t developing single page web apps I became well versed in HTML/CSS/Javascript. The SEO skills I picked up back then is also something I value a lot.

Experiments and Projects

A Game About Corn (2019)

Create React App
Free Stock Photos

A minimalistic text based browser game using Create React App. Free stock photos used as backgrounds. A full play though takes about 20 minutes. The game state saves automatically in local storage.

Click here to play!

Some Kind of Pixel Game (2018)

Pixel Art

This HTML5 game makes use of the open source library phaser.io. It isn’t really finished and is more of a POC.

The low pixel amount and single color per material simplifies creativity. This art style allows me to paint all graphics myself.

Click here to play!

Svens Keramik (2015)


My father makes ceramics in his spare time so I made him a masonry portfolio website.

It’s made using WordPress and I host it on my own web server (just like this site you are looking at).

Click here to look at my father’s creations.

Tala med Torkel (2008)

Swedish Grammar
Hand Drawn GUI
Configurable Offensiveness

Many years ago I made this really strange random text generator. It produces grammatically correct nonsense. The offensiveness and other insanity is configurable using the right hand panel. I have no idea why I made this. I must have lacked things to do… I also hand drew the GUI.

Click here to listen to Torkel’s sweet words…


MassiveCraft (2011 – 2018)

Open Source
Minecraft Plugins
Gaming Community Management

MassiveCraft is a Minecraft server and gaming community. A team of more than 30 volunteers help me keep the server running smoothly. Personally I take care of systems administration keeping a bunch of Ubuntu linux servers running smoothly. Most importantly I code a lot of Minecraft plugins, some of them open source (https://github.com/MassiveCraft), some of them closed source to add unique selling points to MassiveCraft.

Lajvbutiken (2007 – 2014)

OS Commerce
Imports from India

I started my first business as soon as I turned 18. Selling gear for live action role playing through a web shop (www.lajvbutiken.se) I coded myself. Fake swords imported from Germany and chainmail armor imported from India were the two main products. I closed the web shop 2014 to focus fully on MassiveCraft.