About three years ago I switched OS from Windows to MacOS. One thing that surprised me was the MacOS lacks a built in feature for quick window positioning. On Windows you can use the Windows key (CMD on MacOS?) and the arrow keys to place the window quickly.

The first solution I found was the free and Open Source application “Spectacle”: https://www.spectacleapp.com/
It’s since been abandoned by the author but there’s the active fork “Rectangle”: https://rectangleapp.com/

It offers a whole bunch of shortcuts:

Personally I’m only interested in “Left Half”, “Right Half”, “Maximize”, and “Next Display”. Some of these shortcuts collide with IntelliJ default shortcuts so removing most of them helps.

Notably I only have two displays. The laptop and an external display. So there’s no difference between “Next Display” and “Previous Display” is there?

Nowadays I’ve moved over to Hammerspoon: https://www.hammerspoon.org/
It’s an automation tool for MacOS. You write your automation scripts in LUA (would have preferred javascript but OK).

I simply make use of the following for quick window positioning:

I also use the MacOS settings to make caps lock behave as the CTRL modifier key:

Hammerspoon may also be used for other neat automation stuff. So if you are already using Hammerspoon (or plan to use it), this approach mitigates installing one more application.